Making good behavior feel less expensive

One of the first things people notice when they start eating healthier is the high cost of fresh foods in comparison to processed foods. While there can be a tangible monetary shift in spending, this particular source of change power focuses on how to make that expense in effort & time feel more worthwhile.

If we can stack your structural motivation in your favor, we will be much more likely to be successful. Structural “costs” show up in a variety of ways and we can combat those costs & stack our environment in our favor.

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Our friends (and family) aren’t doing us any favors

Most of the people around us don’t want us to be unhealthy or miserable. But there are so many subtle things that the people we love & care about do to make change harder for us. And often it’s not intentional and it’s extremely rare that it’s malicious (but that does happen). Most of our family & friends might consider an intervention if we were actually sitting & eating the quantity that the woman below intends to eat. It’s a pretty cut & dry picture. But life (and change) is rarely that black & white.

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How NOT to do weight loss

Notice that I said weight loss, not “a healthy lifestyle.”  By the end of this particular step in my health journey, I was the closest I’ve ever been to that “magic weight” I mentioned earlier.  This experience still heavily influences my feelings about setting a goal weight, because it was such an important part of those […]

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