Planning for a Catch-Up Day

Going into this past weekend, I knew that things were going to be busy.  We had family commitments scheduled out of town for most of the weekend.  I knew I’d be exhausted.  I knew I wouldn’t have time to really feel prepared for the week.  So, I took off an extra day to make sure I could have a full day to rest & recover and another one to everything done before starting my week.  Today ended up being exceptionally productive.  Even more so than I planned or hoped.

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Making the Decision

In the past, I would have worried & felt guilty about taking an extra day.  Instead, I’ve learned that by assuming that I’ll be able to figure it out, it really means that I feel overwhelmed & miserable most of the week.   I’ve only started the practice of the “extra day” recently.  And the few times I’ve done it have been extremely useful both in terms productivity and recuperation time.

I used yesterday as relaxation only after traveling multiple days previously.  I intentionally didn’t give myself to-do items, although I did make time for my workout.  And then today was my “get ready for the week” day.  By allowing myself a mental & physical recovery day without imposing any obligations, I was able to get a ton of things done today including:

  • Had a healthy breakfast / lunch (Chocolate Shakeology – after sleeping in of course) ☺️
  • Found some recipes I wanted to try
  • Made a meal plan for the week
  • Made a grocery list for the week
  • Ran several errands including freebie lotion & underwear (gotta love those coupons)
  • Added software to my computer I’d been meaning to install
  • Got birthday & anniversary cards for the next couple months
  • Bought stuff for a new scrapbook I plan to make as a Christmas present
  • Bought groceries
  • Made a spice mix I’ve been needing
  • Made bread
  • Worked out
  • Made dinner
  • And wrote this post!


Comparatively, today was incredibly more productive than most weekend days.  And I attribute that to the fact that I allowed myself  a day to relax after multiple days of non-work obligations.   I’m ready & set to go for tomorrow, which will technically be my Monday for the week!

Are you due for a catch-up day?

Should you consider taking a catch-up day sometime soon?  Do you take them often enough?  Even though we just had Labor Day, for most people it was busy with family, friends or both.  I know I should probably work a few catch-up days into my schedule.  What will you do when you take your next one?  Will you plan for relaxation only?  Or things you don’t normally have time for?

Why do you think we don’t take these types of days more often?   I know for me, it’s because I feel guilty when I plan to take them.  I just need to focus more on how productive & worthwhile they are (basically how I feel now), rather than the guilt or misguided belief that a vacation day without a purpose wasteful.


Wishing you an All+SUM LIFE,

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