Capitalizing on Introversion

Introversion is often mis-characterized as shy or even standoffish.  Yet, if you truly understand the meaning of introvert (and yes, if you search google for this, you’ll see it defined as shy in the search results), it is defined by someone’s source of personal energy.  I find people, especially in large groups, to be exhausting.  New people (ones I don’t know very well) are also exhausting because they take more energy to deal with.  It’s not that I dislike people entirely, they just take energy rather than adding to it.  I need time on my own to reflect and get things done in order to recharge.  This is why I love holidays like Labor Day.  It’s one of those where we generally don’t have commitments so we can just enjoy a nice, quiet day at home where we can both relax, reflect, and get ready for the week.



Know Thyself

This is not to say that being an extrovert is bad.  Or that being an introvert is bad.  They’re both great in their own rights.  But they both recharge differently.  Not knowing yourself or doing things that continually drain your energy can be very detrimental to both your mental & emotional health.  For me, personally, coming to terms with the fact that I’m an introvert at my core was somewhat difficult.  It feels “anti-social” to say no to invitations.  But if you’re worn out and you just keep pushing yourself, you end up feeling drained, exhausted & miserable.  Over time, I’ve learned that because I’m an introvert, I need to limit activities on the weekends so I can recharge & feel ready for the week.  It’s because of this practice that I’ve both found myself feeling more rested, relaxed & ready to face the “Monday” challenges (although this week Tuesday will be my Monday – which is pretty great  ?).

By setting aside today (Labor Day) and avoiding commitments, I was able to think through what the week will bring (another interview, some travel, lots of meetings), what I’ll need to do to prepare (print off additional copies of my resume, prepare my lunches, select quick & easy dinner recipes), and actually take the time to do it (in advance, no less).

I’m actually feeling pretty proud of my accomplishments today.  As I write this there’s a lot already done today:

  • Groceries delivered for the week (best service ever – seriously, life-changing since I started doing the delivery thing)
  • Sriracha Beef with Broccoli in the crock pot for dinner tonight (love this Oxygen Mag recipe)
  • Cottage Dill bread in the bread-maker for later this week
  • TD Mash (from the TD Nation eBook – contact me for a copy) in the freezer for lunches in the upcoming weeks
  • No Bake Shakeology Cookies made & ready to go for the HealthBet that started yesterday
  • Delicious Balsamic Salsa in the fridge (also from the TD Nation eBook)
  • Bananas in the freezer for more shakes in upcoming weeks
  • Had a Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter Shakeology for breakfast / lunch
  • Laundry is going (blech, but a necessary evil)
  • I’m ready for my workout after I finish this post ❤️


How do you invest your extra time?

Do you know if you’re an introvert or an extrovert?  If you don’t, I definitely recommend taking a few minutes for a quick Personality Test to find out.  Oh, and make sure you answer honestly – answering how you think people want you to be vs. what you actually believe won’t help ?.    How does this factor into how you spend your time?  Are there things you do that provide a significant amount of meaning & energy in your life?  Are there things you do that you should change so you can focus on more of what matters?  Share in the comments below.


Wishing you an All+SUM LIFE,
– Sarah

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