Stop Hating Your Kitchen (and cooking)

Looking back at a young, naive self, I wish I could have imparted some wisdom.  When I got my first apartment & needed kitchen “things” and a couple years later when I got married & we registered for “kitchen crap” (as my husband likes to call it), there are things I never would have registered for or purchased.  Over time, I realized that I felt a significant amount of frustration & impatience I would feel when it came to tedium in the kitchen.   After owning & using certain items, I slowly started to hate them.  And then I started making a list of all the things I hate about “kitchen crap”  and I decided I wanted to essentially push the easy button on my kitchen.  Over time, I’ve been either getting rid of things completely (donating), replacing, and (in rare cases) adding some pretty cool stuff to my kitchen that legitimately makes my life easier.


Really?  Why is the crap my kitchen such a big deal?

I’ve never been someone who loved to cook.  I do generally like gadgets of all kinds though.  And there are plenty of kitchen gadgets to go around.  Some are awesome & some are just downright terrible.  While cooking is a necessary evil (my opinion), I do care a lot about eating healthy which means using fresh ingredients and often making recipes from scratch.  That takes time & it means I need the right tools for the job.  There are a lot of tools out there that will get the job done, but I’ve found that many of them drive me crazy because of how difficult they are to use, clean, and/or store.

I started paying attention to the things in my kitchen that I hated using.  And then I started making a mental list of all the things I hated about this stuff I hated in my kitchen:

  • Awkward or difficult to use
  • Didn’t work consistently without some amount of coaxing
  • Created a mess by using it
  • Too many parts
  • Made of potentially unsafe materials (i.e. plastic containers)
  • Required hand washing
  • Isn’t self-contained resulting in annoying or difficult storage

So I made a list of my “must haves” for things in my kitchen:

  • Dishwasher safe!  (there are very few things I still have that aren’t dishwasher safe)
  • Simple to set up & use
  • Works every time
  • Doesn’t have a million different parts & pieces
  • Is made of safe materials (especially if I plan to microwave it at all)
  • Reduces my meal prep / cooking time
  • Self contained and/or easy storage

And then, item by item, I started deciding (and this is over a multi-year period) if I just needed to get rid of something that I hated or if I needed to search for a better replacement.  And during that search, I found a number of great replacements and even few really awesome things I wasn’t even looking for that has made my life (and cooking) so much easier.  One of the topics I plan to post about are some of those kitchen things I really love.

What’s in your kitchen?

Are there things currently in your kitchen that you hate but you have to use anyway?  Why do you hate them?  And are there things you own that you love & you wish everyone knew about?  I’m still searching for a few items & would love to hear your thoughts.


Wishing you an ALL+SUM LIFE,


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