Hobby: Preventing myself from eating everything in the house

Habits & hobbies can be detrimental & difficult to overcome when making a change.  But, finding new hobbies can help fill the time of a previous bad habit.  Sometimes those new hobbies can also come with the added bonus of a positive impact beyond the time spent on the hobby.  When I started looking for new things to focus on, I managed to find a few new & fun hobbies that help me make better choices…. especially around the holidays when there’s SO much food everywhere.


What’s in a hobby?

In attempting to change my daily pattern, I realized by observing my habits that I would work out when I got home (good), make that healthy dinner I’d planned (also good), then watch a show (not bad), and typically crave snacks while I watched my evening show (not so good for the goals).  So, I went looking for a new hobby (or at least something to keep me busy rather than snacking).

One of my recently added hobbies (within the last six months) is doing my nails.  Previously I didn’t particularly enjoy doing them because of the tedium combined with the potential for the mess and eventuality that at least one of them would get messed up because I’d smudge them on accident.  It was just never particularly gratifying (probably because I tend to be perfectionist).  But then I found Jamberry.  I’d heard of them before but they sounded hokey & likely not worth the money.  But then, I met someone who actually wore them.  And they sold me on at least trying them.  I love stickers and I liked having my nails done… so combining the two should be awesome, right?  Especially stickers that come in super fun patterns that I could NEVER paint myself.  And yes, they’re pretty awesome.

So, lately one of my hobbies (once a week or once every two weeks) is doing my nails.  It results in super fun nails (like the ones below) but it also distracts me from wanting to eat ALL THE FOOD in the house (especially the chocolate).  Because you can’t really do your nails & eat things at the same time.  Plus, as an added bonus, I don’t have a mess to clean up and I can’t smudge them because they don’t have to dry.

Without further ado, I give you my current mani / pedi:


So yeah, super fun & they’re fun to see while you’re doing stuff during the day too – just that little bit of “oh, those are fun” thought while typing up something.

Disclaimer:  I am by no means trying to imply that Jamberry nails will help you lose weight.  I am also not a Jamberry consultant.  I just happen to love them and find them to be super fun & easy to apply.  As an added bonus, the consultant I order from (Amy) donates her proceeds to Smile Train so I get to enjoy fun patterns on my nails while helping people, so that’s cool.

I do have other hobbies that also aren’t conducive to eating… maybe I’ll write about those sometime too.

What distractions have you found?

What about you?  What hobbies do you have that involve your hands or aren’t conducive to eating that help you focus on something other than food?


Wishing you an All+SUM Life,

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