Sometimes pushing through isn’t the answer…

There’s something to be said for pushing through soreness & getting in a good workout.  Some days just pushing play and dragging yourself through the workout is really all you can hope for.   But some days, that’s not the answer.  Some days pushing yourself results in an injury.  Close to three months ago, I had one of those days.

Lower-back pain is one of the top three reasons that Americans go to the doctor. But the solution can be a DIY project.

What happened?

It was a fairly typical day.  But I woke up one weekend and my lower back was a bit sore.  I didn’t think anything of it.  I went ahead with my planned workout from the 22 Min Hard Corps schedule.  At some point in the workout, I think during the Jimmy Jumps (it’s where you squat & then jump), I managed to make it worse.  I spent the next week doing extra stretching and modifying my scheduled workouts.  The pain didn’t really improve.  It became a constant.  Every morning when putting on my socks and throughout the day, sitting down & standing up, sometimes walking, especially stairs.

After a few weeks, I finally admitted to myself that it wasn’t getting better and decided to see the physical therapist located at my work.  After just the first appointment, the PT helped me figure out that the problem had actually been created over time.  About a year prior, I’d been doing squats and I’d broken form and rounded my back, pulling a muscle.  Since then, I’d over-compensated & started arching my back when doing squats.

Road to Recovery

I’ve been doing daily physical therapy exercises for over two months.  I’m making slow progress.  It seems to come in waves.  the exercises my PT gave me were (starting on the top-left) and going clockwise:

  1. Roll-down & roll-up:  to stretch the middle muscles of my back
  2. Hands & Knees:  to teach my body the correct squat form again (have to lead with my hips)
  3. Hip Shifts:  stand shift my hips in while keeping my shoulders even to stretch my back
  4. Open & Close Book:  stretch the mid-section of my back

In addition to the exercises, I’m limited to body weight exercises only and squats with my heels elevated (it forces my hips to tilt under when I get down lower).  As a result, I’ve been doing a LOT of PiYo (seriously one of my favorite workouts ever).

While PiYo is fun, I’m struggling with not being able to use weights at all.  For months.  I’m still seeing some progress, but I miss my resistance equipment.  I know that I’m making progress but I would LOVE to get back to a more rigorous workout schedule again.

Have you had injuries?

Have you had injuries before?  What have you had to do for recovery?  I really struggle with patience, but I am very happy to see progress even if it’s slow.  I just hope that sometime in the next month or so that I’ll be feeling up to something more like P90X3 or PUMP.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.


Wishing you an All+SUM Life,


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