Why listening to our bodies is so important

Your body doesn’t really talk, does it?  If you believe that, then you probably also believe that there’s no difference between a phone call and an in-person conversation too.  Learning to listen to what our bodies are telling us makes a huge difference in how we feel and what we decide to do (at least it does for me).


Our bodies are so smart!

Whether we realize it or not, we adapt to our surroundings.  Our physical bodies


What has my body been telling me?

Lately I feel like I’m both struggling with listening to my body while also ignoring some pretty loud messages.  Here are just a few of very simple examples that are extremely common in my life:

  • “I don’t waaaannna (aka I’m being a pansy)” – Some days your body just fights back a bit.  Some workouts are just better than others.  This is one of those messages that I have to fight against on days that I just don’t waannna workout even though I know I’ll feel better after I go do it.
  • “I need a damn break!” – It’s easy to mix this one up with the one above if I’m not careful.  I was actually forced to listen to this one “against my will” when I woke up one morning with a sore back.  I assumed was because I slept funny and I pushed through a tough workout anyway when I should have picked something more focused on recovery.  I thought I would be fine but I wasn’t.  Walking, standing up, sitting down and certain postures became sources of pain.  I’ve since been a multi-month healing & physical therapy process.
  • “I’m craving things!” – This is a complicated one for me.  I’ve been struggling a lot with sugar after going on vacation & having dessert almost every night.  Cravings can also be signs of not enough sleep (I’m hungrier when I don’t get quality sleep).  But this is typically one I find myself fighting against.

My body also sends more complicated messages to me in patterns such as foods that cause migraines or foods that make me bloated.  One of the coolest things I’ve learned by simply learning to pay close attention to how I feel & what I did or ate that might have caused that feeling is that I can link those behaviors or foods directly to feeling awesome.  When I’m on point with what I’m eating & working out consistently, I sleep better, my workouts are better, I have better quality workouts.

I know if I’m actively listening to my body that I’m better and I FEEL better.

Are you listening?

What’s going on with your body these days?  Are there signals & messages that you’re ignoring?  Are there messages you should be ignoring so you can reach your goals?  I love hearing about your thoughts!


Wishing you an All+SUM life,

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