You Become Who You Follow

Where you check in (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) influences your day & your decisions.  And who you choose to follow and allow in those feeds has an even bigger influence.  Most people know about how to unfriend someone or remove them from your newsfeed.  But, how many people intentionally manage their feeds and add people and/or public figures who will challenge them to learn something new or provide encouragement?



When I realized that one of the places I most frequently read and/or check-in was Facebook, I started thinking about how that factored into what I was thinking about.  Like most people, I had some special people on my friends list who shared things I just didn’t care to see and/or read about so I hid them from my news feed.  But that was only half the equation.

But then I noticed one public figure who was frequently posting things that I found encouraging or challenging.  And I started thinking…. what would happen if I added other things to my newsfeed like that?  What would happen if I saw more encouraging & knowledge sharing posts?  I started following:

  • Companies posting recipes, nutrition, fitness, and even leadership content
    BeachbodyVitalSmartsOxygenMagazineHungryGirl EatFitFuel CleanEatingOnline
  • Public Figures who post about topics relative to my goals:
    ChaleneJohnson TonyHortonCommittedToGettingFit    MollyGabreth-GirlsGoneStrong    TraciMorrow JillianMichaels  MichaelHyatt
  • Friends who post about topics relative to my goals & interests


These are just a few of the pages I’ve liked but they’re the ones I find myself frequently liking what’s shared or clicking to read more.  What about you?  What are your favorite public figures, companies or even friends who you follow?  Please share.  ?  I enjoy finding new resources.


Wishing you an All+SUM LIFE,

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