Break it Down: Everyday

Aaaaaaand here’s the REALLY HARD PART.  Consistency.  If I really want this concept I’ve created (yeah, it’s a little cheesy but embrace it with me please) of an All+SUM LIFE then I’ve got to actually live it consistently.


You can’t lose weight if you don’t have control of your calorie intake every. single. day.  You can’t expect to feel good about your life if you’re constantly allowing yourself to have an extremely negative internal dialogue every single day.

I have that quote above as well as this one on my desk at work (just to the left of my monitors):

House You Live In

Successful consistency in my life looks like:  I am positively influencing those around me and making their lives a better place simply by living intentionally toward my goals.  I’m leading by example & people want to know what “All+SUM LIFE” is about.


Wishing you an All+SUM LIFE,
– SUM Sarah

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