Break it Down: Living

Maybe, just maybe this post will be a shorter one since the concept of “living” should be pretty straight forward.  This will be a shorter, one… but still too long for Facebook.  ?

I did consider using the term Leading.  And maybe someday in the future when I actually feel like I’m leading I’ll change it to be “leading.”  For now, my focus is on living this life I want.  Technically “leading by example” but the thing is I’m not doing it for you right now.  I’m doing it for me because if I don’t I’ll end up with anxiety problems and probably heart problems.

Living to me everyday means actually experiencing the day, not escaping from it.  Wanna know my most common escape?


Yep, those little buggers.  I will just play one after another until I run out of lives on all of them and that can fill up HOURS and then I’m stressed out because I’ve just wasted precious time. I do typically play one or two before bed, but that’s not avoidance.  When I’m home in the evening & I’m “chewing on a problem” or avoiding the problem, I’m usually sitting on the couch, half-listening to Husband or not really watching Netflix & but really focused on one of those games.  And it’s obvious I’m not engaged.  If I’ve been playing for a long while, Husband will give me a nudge & ask me “are you stressing?” THAT is not living.  For me, that is an upset stomach, possibly headaches, and basically escape that leaves me worse off than before because I’ve just spent the time I could have used to solve the problem and I’ve wasted it on meaningless games.

If I’m successfully achieving my goal of truly living it looks like this:  I’m fully experiencing & being present in the moment.  I am taking the time & energy I need to process my problems rather than avoiding thinking about them.


Wishing you an All+SUM LIFE,
– SUM Sarah

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