Break it Down: Mrs. (or Miss, Ms., Mr.)

Mr. / Ms. / Miss / Mrs.:  They are all titles that imply respect.  And they all have a slightly different connotation & implication to them.

The title of Mrs. carries with it that my life is joined with someone else.  My relationship with my husband is the single most important relationship in my life & a big source of happiness for me.  But, there are certainly days that it’s not all sunshine, rainbows & ponies.

So in the context of All+SUM LIFE, why did I pick Mrs. instead of Ms. or even Miss (since going by Miss even when you’re married is apparently a thing these days)?  Well, it’s very important for me to remember that I am a Mrs.  And no, I don’t mean I forget that I’m married.  What I mean is that I have had (hopefully in the past more than the present) a tendency to forget that my choices affect my husband.  I am “blessed” (or cursed depending on the day) with a very Type-A personality


And, when I’m not careful, how does that manifest itself in our lives?  Well, I have all these GOALS which in and of themselves would be awesome if I didn’t take on so many things at once that I stress myself out.  And when I’m stressed out, it affects the lives of the people around me, namely my husband because I’m not always pleasant when I’m stressed (who is really?).

If I’m taking on ALL THE THINGS (thank you Hyperbole & a Half for this) ALL THE TIME, then how long till I burn out and lose my shit (typically when I’m around Husband since that’s when we’re most “ourselves”)?  How long until I need a vacation to escape this life I made?

So…. success as a Mrs. (for me) is my definition of success for my relationship:  I’m regularly (daily) spending quality time with my husband♥ and ensuring that we make life choices & personal time commitments together so we can both maintain our own personal mental, emotional, physical & spiritual health.


Wishing you an All+SUM LIFE,
– SUM Sarah

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