Break it Down: Successful

This word is thrown around SO much in society and it’s so often associated with people in Hollywood who have more money than a lot of countries on the planet.  And this association does such a disservice to people because it sets both unrealistic and likely unhealthy expectations.  So many people want to be famous but they don’t really understand that fame comes with tradeoffs.  There are trade-offs to every decision you make.  When you choose to invest your time in something, you are choosing not to do a multitude of other things.  However you choose to spend your money means you don’t have that money to spend on something else later (or now).  You often hear “this is the equivalent of your daily Starbucks” coffee.  But what if you related that to other things in your life.  Like expensive designer boots that cost $250.  If you compare the cost of those boots you think you want to “I could have two or three really nice dinners with my significant other or I could have these boots right now,” how might that change your thinking about the value that those expensive boots provide to you?  Which isn’t to say buying the boots is wrong, but it might be for you if a “successful” life looks like you having quality time with your significant other.


What I want for everyone is for each person to achieve their own personal version of a successful life.

After a lot of reflection, and trial & error, success in my life is as follows:

  • Relationship:  I’m regularly (daily) spending quality time with my husband♥ and ensuring that we make life choices & personal time commitments together so we can both maintain our own personal mental, emotional, physical & spiritual health.
  • Career:  I’m working in a role a love with a boss I like (or love, but certainly not hate) where I’m recognized & compensated for the value I provide.  I have flexibility for life’s ups & downs.  I am authentically connecting with my coworkers.
  • Financial:  We are not worrying about money (i.e. making ends meet) & we have enough money to do fun things we enjoy
  • Friends:  We are keeping a close, small group of healthy relationships with people we love & care about.  There are no boundaries or no “off limits” topics and we’re frequently challenging each other’s assumptions, thoughts & goals.  We are a source of betterment for each other in a wide variety of life aspects.
  • Family:  We have healthy boundaries with our families and we’re often (ideally every month) spending quality time with them.
  • Mental:  I am aware of my mood & I’m actively managing the words of my internal dialogue.  I am also exercising regularly (yes this is under mental).  I do this to continue improving my ability to deal with and control anxiety as well as keeping my depression at bay.
  • Emotional:  I am keenly aware of my emotions and while I recognize I can’t control the emotion itself, I am in control of how I act on my emotions.
  • Physical:  I am making choices to feel strong, confident & in control.  This means I am planning ahead for meals, logging my food daily and working out 5-6 days per week.  I am also in tune with my body and taking periodic rest days and/or weeks to ensure I allow appropriate recovery to keep me moving toward my goal.
  • Spriritual:  I am content with my relationship with God.  I am making choices that continue to support my desired level of contentment.
  • This Blog / BeachBody Coaching:  Still a work in progress, but for now… I’m sharing my goals, thoughts, concerns, struggles related to my definition of success especially how it relates to mental, emotional, & physical success in my life with the hope that I can help at least one person in their own journey toward an All+SUM LIFE.

I will occasionally share about the other areas of my life listed above as they relate, but I find that how successful I feel & how content I am with my life is affected most frequently by my mental, emotional, and/or physical wellbeing at any given time.  I tried the whole “I want to accomplish X” but it didn’t bring me fulfillment.


Wishing you an All+SUM LIFE,
– SUM Sarah

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