What’s this whole All+SUM LIFE thing all about?

For me personally, the concept of an “awesome life” which has since turned into “All+SUM LIFE” started years ago, while I was still dating my husband.  I’ve been through some rough situations and while I still have a deep love of travel, early in my career (especially when I first had enough money to take a vacation) a lot of my “why” behind vacations was to escape from things (and people) in my life.  And my boyfriend (now husband) would tell me “you always have to go back,” meaning that no matter how awesome the vacation is, you always have to return to your life so while vacations can be fun, maybe I should have been focusing more on changing the things in my life that made me miserable rather than focusing on the next chance I’d get to “escape.”  Generally the same concept goes to drinking & partying as well.  A lot of people use that lifestyle to escape a life they hate and while it’s all fun & games while they’re out drinking and having a good time, they spend most of their life doing things and putting more structures in their life that will just continue to make them miserable only further feeding the need for whatever they use to escape this life they’ve built for themselves.

So what is All+SUM LIFE?

We All can be Successful Unapologetic Mrs (or Miss, Ms., Mr.) (SUM) Living Intentionally & Fearlessly Everyday (LIFE).

All+SUM LIFE for me personally is both a goal & a practice.  Practice makes perfect, but if I keep this concept of All+SUM LIFE in the forefront of my mind, then it makes it all the more likely that I’ll exhibit the behaviors needed to get me closer to that goal.  Essentially, it’s “what I want to be when I grow up.”  Some days I feel like I’m there, other days (feels like a lot) notsomuch.


Wishing you an All+SUM LIFE,
– SUM Sarah

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