Why another blog & why now?

Yeah, I’ve tried the blog thing several times.  The one with the largest number of posts was actually when I visited Europe in college where I basically blogged my journal about the locations we’d visited.  The intention there was so my family & a few friends could keep up with what we were doing & where we were at since I was gone most of the summer, plus share some cool photos.  All of the other blogs I started over the years…. maybe a couple posts and then I would fizzle out.  I struggled either with what to share (is anyone really going to care about this?) or concerns about sharing too much (the internet can be a scary place ya’ll) to the point that I might attract some loonies if I wasn’t careful.

So back to my first question:  Why another blog?  

Technically it’s not “another” blog because none of my previous blogs are up still ?.  But that doesn’t answer the question.  I landed, yet again, on the blog concept over a year of thought, self-reflection & trying to claw my way to my “magic goal weight” (more on that some other time).  I’ve been a part of a really great team called TD Nation for well over a year… really closer to a year and a half.  And actually my immediate team (smaller team part of the bigger TD Nation team) is Team EnduraFit led by my coach Larry.  TD Nation is chock-full of BeachBody coaches who make it their mission to:  “help as many people as they can meet & exceed their fitness goals without expecting anything in return” (Lance).  Yes, you read that right, real BeachBody coaches without the expectation that you buy shit from them.  Really.  It exists.  Promise.  Been doin’ it for a year.  I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard Lance say in his videos “if your coach refuses to help you unless you buy something, then your coach is an asshole.”  And the coaches in TD Nation truly live by that mission.  TD Nation is just full of free information, such as the Orientation / Welcome site which walks you through some basics about nutrition & fitness as well as a wide variety of free (but closed) Facebook groups filled with people who all want to have healthier lives that are led & moderated by the TD Nation BeachBody coaches (which I just joined the ranks recently, but like my “magic goal weight” more on that later).  Well, so if all this stuff is on Facebook, why aren’t you posting there, Sarah?  Good question!  Glad you asked.  I do post on Facebook in the TD Nation groups.  I actually post in the TD Nation groups (which, again, are all closed, private groups) significantly more than I do on my personal Facebook wall.  But, Facebook won’t allow me to post ginormous walls of text like this.  And over the last year I just kept finding that my thoughts about my goals, thoughts, & struggles are much more involved & clearly wordy than the confines of the Facebook character limit (just ask my coach Larry, he LOVES getting those “wall of text” questions from me).  So, blog it is.

And for those of you who don’t want to read that giant wall of text above… here’s the TLDR (too long, didn’t read) version:  TDNation is awesome (can’t speak highly enough about it) and much of the support structure lives on Facebook but I’m apparently just too damn wordy to fit my thoughts into the Facebook character limit so I’m going to try my hand at yet another blog and see how it goes.  And, as an added bonus, I really like being creative & I love technology so a blog gives me a fun playground to combine those things.

Alright, so why now?

Well, there are a number of reasons factoring into that.  The first of which is that I’m currently recovering from a back injury(?) and my physical therapist says I can’t work out till my back muscles settle back down.  That sorta leaves me with extra time to ponder ALL THE THINGS (I’m a big over-analyzer) about life & my frustration with Facebook character limits (see above) and how this “BeachBody coaching thing” that I managed to sign up for (more on why I did that later too) might fit into the bigger picture of my life.

The TLDR version is:  I’ve got a lot of “stuff” I’ve been pondering, reading about, and striving for that all centers around the concept of an All+SUM (awesome) LIFE over the past 3-5 years and I feel like maybe, just maybe, there are some people out there with a similar perspective on life who could benefit from what I’ve learned about holistic wellbeing (mental, emotional, physical, and possibly spiritual aspects).

So, technically the tipping point was signing up to be a BeachBody coach but I feel like this is a culmination of many things I’ve been focusing on for a very long time now and it helps to have a “box” to put around things.  You likely won’t see me turning this blog into a “diary of our life” which is sorta what I tried to do with my previous attempts.  My posts will be focused on the things I’m reading & how it relates to current goals and/or struggles in my life.  Things that I do to help calm my mind or make me feel better.  I’ll probably end up posting some recipes because food does relate DIRECTLY to a healthy lifestyle, but I certainly don’t fancy myself to be a chef by any stretch.  At best I tweak recipes (most often reducing the amount of onion in something).  And we’ll see if I end up posting pictures of my lunch or dinner unless I’m amused by something because the photos of my food aren’t nearly as important as the why or the struggle had around making that choice, which again gets me back to that dang Facebook character limit.


Wishing you an All+SUM LIFE (more on that later too),
– SUM Sarah

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